To request a commission, simply contact me using the form to the right, and upon receipt of the deposit, I will begin work on your image. You may, of course, contact me on my Facebook or Twitter.  Additionally, you may contact me at


Base price for commissions is:  $25.00 (non-refundable)
 (Be sure to ask about bulk rates and special offers)

Typical Adjustments are as follows:

Scene construction: $15.00-$25.00 + (Based on level of complexity)

Additional angles of the same scene: $15.00 each

Special effects glow, explosions, godrays etc (In render and post):  add $10.00 each.

Additional Characters/Animals: add $15.00 each. Additional characters include animals and people, as they increase render and production time.

Custom Textures Required:  add 10:00 each as these are highly time-consuming.

Custom Mesh/CGI model - varies.


Terms and conditions:  each piece of art is unique and it may be that I don't quite get what you're trying to describe. The more info you give me, the better I understand. As the client, you have the right to cease all work prior to the completion of the final image. You will be provided with an inferior low-resolution sample to approve at various time and for various reasons. Unless otherwise noted. 

The creation of something that is not in my inventory can be prohibitively expensive. I do not create custom models from scratch and often kitbash such items. However, in the event that I cannot such items are usually outsourced to people I trust with no real guarantees on turnover. In such an occurrence I would retain a copy in my own inventory for later use on future projects. Kitbashed items remain in my inventory.  Such items remain under your copyright.  Custom models I will forward along with their texture files. This is the only way this is going to happen. Otherwise, all assets used in the creation of your image remain in my personal inventory and no list or resources will be forthcoming.

Assets required: If an asset is required that is not in my inventory you will be notified if it impacts your work in any way you the cost of which will not be deferred to you the client.


The number of images agreed upon will be the only ones provided, including sample images, are yours to keep. all other test renders remain in my possession and will be used as examples of how I work. Further, an inferior copy (lower resolution) of your image will remain in my portfolio and a full resolution copy will remain on my hard drive (not for viewing) for up to one year.  All copyrights for your images remain yours and with the notable exception of my portfolio examples will NOT be published by myself. Such images will not be made publicly available for download nor be displayed before your image is made public unless said image is for personal use. In which case you agree to allow the image to be published as a portfolio piece. 


Payment for images will be expected before the full resolution copy will be sent (Via e-mail) without exception. 

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