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Who is Spydraxis?

Before I say anything let first tell you where the name Spydraxis comes from.  Spydraxis is the name of a character I created and on a whim, I tried to use it as a login name frustrated that other names O chose were "Already Taken". The name Spydraxis is accepted on most sites, the first time every time and so I started publishing under that name. So to answer the question... I am Spydraxis.


My name is Todd Grosser, I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing, painting, sculpting, and rendering for as far back as I can remember. I have been the Art Director/Coordinator for TSR LLC. I have also been published in Australia with Trek United in their fan magazine "Personal Logs".  I have written several Stories that have yet to be published. I have had the privilege of having several images of mine featured on MSN Entertainment's "Nerdcore" Webcast as well as having been requested to allow several more pieces for future use.  I have a great imagination and I am very good at understanding someone else's vision and being able to bring it to life through my art.  If you're interested in working with me I can assure you that I will treat your vision with the same care and attention as I would my own.  

E-Mail me at for prices on commissions,  

You'd be surprised how affordable I am really am.
Or you can check the commissions page here for details.
Ask about my rates for large projects of 10 or more images. I am also available for hire with negotiable rates.


Who am I?

where do I come from?

what's my story?


I'll start from the beginning:

I was born in Detroit, Michigan, 

 I grew up downtown Detroit right near tiger stadium. Eventually, we moved to a happy little suburb called "Brightmore" and it was nice ...for a while. I Started reading comics at the age of 5 and my favorite was Spider-Man.  I was an excellent reader for my age far ahead of MY PEERS.  I had bullying issues early on in my life and I handled them... With my fists. even way back then I could draw and I could sculpt clay as well.  Sculpting was awesome but I never really went too far with it because for me it was like drawing in just one color.  Eventually, the hard times and bullying required an outlet, and man did I give them one.  I must have broken my momma's heart a hundred times if not more with the constant trouble I got into.  the fact is I wish I could have caught just one break, but it never happened.  I grew up quickly with my dad gone and I had responsibilities. So when I got old enough I dropped out of Highschool.   Everything I know about art I learned on my own or through other artists, and via experimentation. I owe credit to Jehovah above but that's not a matter for deeper discussion here. I have worked hard my whole life, and my equipment was built with my own two hands from the empty metal box up. I know exactly what I can do and I know how to bring your visions to life.  I do not claim to be the best I have seen the best and to be honest, I don't have the kind of cash or time it takes to be the best.  However, I am one of the best at what I do and I have really fast turnover times with incredibly high quality and consistency. I like to tell my clients "you can find better, and you can find cheaper, but there's no way you're gonna find both at the same time." Not for the prices I charge anyway.  My love of CGI comes from wanting to see my characters and creations in 3 dimensions and I'll admit to not having the skills to do it when CGI was in its infancy.

in everything I do I'm an artist, I take what I do seriously and I focus intently often excessively so. Some folks might say I have a one track mind and I've been called obsessive (though I think that's stretching things a bit). The truth is I was raised to believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. The Japanese have a philosophy about doing things with perfection as the goal and so do I. I am meticulous and exacting and every bit the perfectionist I seem to be.  I promise to handle your creations as if they were my own. 


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